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  • Verkrijgbaar bijWiggle, Cycle Parts
  • MerkLezyne
Wiggle omschrijving:

This stylish valve design enhances the aesthetics of any bicycle and it's available in four colour options. Its grooved valve cap improves grip, and features an integrated valve core tool and a T25 tip, which tightens the valve to a tubeless rim. Coming equipped with an o-ring and grooved aluminium locknut, this model also provides a leak-free seal. One final highlight is it's tubeless sealant friendly, provides maximum airflow and offers compatibility with all Presta style floor pumps and hand pumps. Manufacturer's Part Numbers: L-1-PK-TLRVL44-V110 Blue 44mm Active TW 40 L-1-PK-TLRVL44-V112 Gold 44mm Active TW 60 L-1-PK-TLRVL44-V111 Red 44mm Active TW 70 L-1-PK-TLRVL80-V110 Blue 80mm Active TW 20 L-1-PK-TLRVL60-V104 Black 60mm Active TW 100 L-1-PK-TLRVL80-V104 Black 80mm Active TW 100 L-1-PK-TLRVL80-V112 Gold 80mm Ga naar Wiggle

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